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Get the perfect drop of blood without pain, using vacuum and depth control.

Glucose Monitor - A Truly Non-Invasive Technology

Monitor your glucose levels without finger-pricking.

GlucoTrack is the world's only truly non invasive glucose monitor. The device is battery-operated and includes a Main Unit (MU), which contains display and control features, as well as transmitter, receiver and processor, and a Personal Ear Clip (PEC), which is clipped to the earlobe and contains sensors and calibration electronics. The device is small, light and easy to use and handle.

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Pain free testing... at last

No more pricking involved


Just clip it !

Sit back, relax and let the device do the rest


Cost effective

A one-time Main Unit cost. No strips needed for prediabetics and type 2 diabetic patients.



For home use with large colour touch screen and audible results and instructions


Improve your disease management

Freedom to measure as often as you like. Estimated HbA1c lets you see how well you manage your diabetes.


Obtain measurements you can rely on

GlucoTrack Model DF-F is CE mark approved. Demonstrated by clinical trials.

New Smart Phone? No, A Smart Device For Glucose Monitoring.
GlucoTrack is truly non-invasive glucose monitoring device.

Frequent glucose monitoring may help you to control and manage your diabetes. We understand that living with diabetes can be difficult, both practically and emotionally. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We are here to help you along your journey with a unique solution to give you the quality of life you’ve been waiting for.

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GlucoTrack Stock Announcement

Following organizational and financial changes and new technical advancements by GlucoTrack’s manufacturer, we have decided that for the time being we will monitor these developments and will not be stocking the GlucoTrack for sale as this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are there any disposable materials, such as test strips I will need to purchase when using GlucoTrack?

    No. GlucoTrack requires no disposables. However, the Personal Ear Clip needs to be replaced every 6 months in order to ensure accurate measurements. The device alerts ahead of time about the need to replace the PEC.

  • Q: What type of diabetes can this device be used on?

    GLucoTrack can only be used for Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes.

  • Q: I need to measure my blood glucose level four or five times each day. How long does it take, and how difficult is the measurement procedure?

    GlucoTrack uses a unique  “Just Clip It!…™” method: You simply clip your Personal Ear Clip (PEC) onto your earlobe and the measurement begins immediately, without any further action. Glucose level is displayed/announced within a minute.

GlucoTrack Non Invasive Glucose Monitoring

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